Teen Poetry Collections

I'm Getting Out

by a young woman, age 15

I’m getting out.
I’m really excited and anxious.
And nervous.
My mom’s kicking me out because she doesn’t trust me,
Because I’ve stolen money and anything else that wasn’t tied down.
A year ago I had to run away.
I was the runaway girl.
But now she’s the one pushing me away.
I’ll probably be back to the same old stuff.
She says if I don’t go to treatment I can’t set foot in my own home.
I get released to her this Sunday, but she’s probably going to
Drop me off some place downtown
With a bag packed full of my things.
I’ll probably be back to doing drugs and couch surfing.
That’s what I was doing before.
It’s funny, but the past two weeks I’ve been in jail,
This is the best my mom and I have gotten along in over a year.
We’ve actually gotten real talking done.
We haven’t been fighting, and it’s almost bittersweet.

A year ago this is exactly what I wanted.
A year ago I wanted to mess up my life.
But now that it’s happening I just want to go home and be my parents’
Little girl again.
And here I am a year later wanting to want to be clean.

Dedicated to myself