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I Lost My Sense of Protection

This is a collection of writing by teenagers in grief therapy at Echo Glen Children’s Center, a juvenile rehabilitation facility in Washington State. These young writers are incarcerated at Echo Glen, but they are also suffering from the traumatic loss of a loved one, often from such causes as homicide, suicide, and accident. (At least 50% of juvenile and adult prisoners share this experience of the violent death of a family member or close friend.) Richard Gold was responsible for a writing component in these Echo Glen grief therapy groups. The groups were led by psychiatrist Ted Rynearson and psychologist Jenny Favell. Please read the sample poems and book Preface below.  This is Pongo Publishing’s sixth teen publication, printed August 2001.


Selected Poems from This Collection

I Feel Like A Lion
A Perfect Man With A Bitch For A Wife
Sense Of Protection
When Death Comes Suddenly
Letter After A Time
I'd Like to Understand


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