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I Feel Like A Lion

by Ann (age 17)

Dear Dad,

My life right now is f__ked up. I'm in jail, and I know you've been there too. It feels like I'm following the whole entire footsteps of your life.

You may think I was young, but then I still knew what you was doing when you treated mom bad. You'd take her money and spend it on beer and drugs and sometimes your other females.

I remember the time you brang a bitch home, and I kicked her and closed the door. You didn't care about none of us, but you are my dad. And I do still have love for you, even if you are dead.

It's hard loving someone who treated me this way. Sometimes I wish you were alive so I could tell you how I felt and how it affected me, the way you treated my family.

I feel like a lion that wants to tear you up sometimes. I feel like you was worth none of my mom's time.