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I Can't Imagine Myself Any Other Place

This is Pongo's first collection of writing by teenagers in King County Juvenile Detention in Seattle, Washington. These youths are awaiting trial or serving sentences for a variety of offenses, from running away and truancy to prostitution, shoplifting, drug-dealing, and violent crimes. Richard Gold worked with psychiatrist Ted Rynearson in a therapy group on grief and traumatic loss. Many teens in detention are dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one because of substance abuse, suicide, gang violence, or recklessness. During the writing portion of group, with Richard, the teens wrote about losses of many types, not just about death. Please read the sample poems below.

This is Pongo Publishing's third teen publication, printed August 1998. It is currently out of print.

Selected Poems from This Collection

Childhood Dreams
A Dream Of Father, A Broken Heart
After My Sisters Were Kidnapped
The Battle Between Good And Evil
Why Is It Hard to Leave a Violent Situation?


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