Teen Poetry Collections

I Wish

 by a young man in detention

I wish we could have spent more time together
We never expected you to leave us
I wish spending time with you was my main priority
I never expected this to happen to you

I wish you could have taught me how to do graffiti
I wish you could have been around to meet our other nephew
I wish I could have seen you become a dad
You would have been a great dad

I wish we could go fishing or crabbing
I wish we could drive around downtown and play music
And scream out the window and tell jokes
I wish we could have had more laughter together

I wish that when I turn 21,
I could go to the bar with you
I wish we would have had more time
To go to all types of restaurants and try new things

I wish we could watch another Seahawks vs 49ers game
So I could clown on you about your football team
I wish we could all get together again
And go back to the how things were when you were with us

I miss the vibe you brought to our family
You’d always be cracking jokes and bring joy to all of us
I wish I can one day end up seeing you again
And spend our time catching up on the things we never got to do
Make new memories together, and repeat