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Pongo Poetry Prize - October 2013

This is the 14th winner of the Pongo Poetry Prize. Following the winning poem, there are links to three great poems that received Honorable Mention.

i thought that they needed me 
by a young woman, age 14

i thought that they needed me
i thought that they cared
i thought that they were going to help me but the way they helped me was making me lock lips with d***s to show that i am worthy of their love, yeah love, their love was them in a motel and me walking the streets with blisters on my feet trying to earn money so that i could shower off all the disgust and regret off my body that is used as a rental than complained about because it is too gentle, then i tell them see me not as you have seen me but how i am doing now, because i can make money from the verses that i speak instead of the body that a freak would take advantage of, and i will not be seen as a money sign, i will be seen as someone that is a survivor, and you can see money signs from the bars that you lay behind, i thought you were all i needed, i thought those long nights meant something, you told me you love me, you are a liar, i hope you die fire, i know that is not my real desire, but i am just so angry, i am just so sad not for me but for you, you don’t know what love is, love is not you, my heart needed patching replacing, but i learned it made me stronger, you are the one that needs help replacing and patching of the heart, even though i want to rip it apart, you too need a new start

Honorable Mention, July 2013
A Walk with You

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