Teen Poetry Collections

I Promise, I’m Sorry

Group poem by teens on Orcas Cottage

Even when life crumbles
like broken bottles under my feet,
when it shatters like undone dreams,
even when my throat is filled with the screams
I hide under my smile,
when my throat is filled with the words
I’ve held in for a while,
even as my lungs reach for a break
as I’m running this ongoing chase,
even when my heart breaks under the things
I’ve seen and heard,
even when my hands ball into a fist
hurting everyone around me,
pushing through the past that bounds me,
even so, I will hold you, life.

I will push on,
not for myself
but for those who need not see me fail.
I will hold you, life
as if you were the last thing
anchoring me to shore
and I will say I’m sorry,
I promise to try again.