I Matter

by Lee L. Booker

I am a unique somebody
No matter what my journey has been
Nor does it matter what you presume me to be
My life matters
I am important
I got dreams
Dreams that rise high into the bluest sky
Dreams that burn deep in my soul like the radiant
heat of the blazing sun
I Matter
To view my color with disdain and fear
Can never replace the joy and love I bring to mother earth
And I freely give her my servitude
Working tirelessly to change the failing mind-set
that asserts, Black lives mean less,
are lowly, dispensable,
invaluable, and are unworthy
I proclaim that
My Blackness matters
I cannot be replaced
I am invaluable
I am powerful in my Blackness
Can change the world in my Blackness
will crush injustice in my Blackness
and shout from every mountaintop
All lives matter
None more than mine and certainly none less
Created in God’s image
Like a hidden gem
My story is yet unfolding
My net worth still calculating
My impact still being created
Like the artist’s canvas
the colorful images of my life
Are being painted in this present moment
Through the words I speak and the hearts and minds I touch
And through all who Come to stand with me to proudly say
Black lives matter
Life is too precious to be forcefully taken
Cut down so thoughtlessly
By those with cold, racing hearts,
and hardened, narrow minds,
and bloodshot eyes clouded by hatred
refusing to acknowledge that
The light Shining through
the heart of every
Black life

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