Teen Poetry Collections

I Lost My Way

by a young man, age 13

I started off with my step-dad
And everything was okay.
We used to hang out. He was nice

But every time I did something wrong
In his eyes, he’d whip me with a belt
And curse. This led me to start cursing

Even at a young age. Now when I’m angry
I curse and act violent. I regret it so much.
It changed my life by sending me into treatment.

I had a tongue of a snake. It slowly destroyed
My prey – everyone I encountered who made me mad.
It’s ruining my life. It feels terrible.

The violence swallowed my personality as a whole
And now I’m in the belly of a snake. It’s dark and gruesome.
There are creatures taunting me. You are nothing

You’re just a small, little coward. No one really cares. 
Maybe now the only way I can find my way again
Is if somebody helps me. A friend or family member

To kill the beast who swallowed me whole.