Teen Poetry Collections

How It Feels To Be Trapped

by a young man, age 14

There are things they can do in here with your freedom.
They’ll let you know what it’s like to have fresh air,
but you can’t actually be free.
They let you know how the air feels,
but then you have to let it go.
It plays with your freedom.
It makes you think about what you done to get in here
and what you could do to get out.
At the end of the day there’s not nothing you can do.

When I’m able to touch the air,
it takes me to the front of my house.
It’s called home,
where you have the most freedom,
playing football in the front yard,
running the ball,
juking friends and family,
and eating orange chicken after.

When you’re trapped inside,
it makes you feel like you’re nothing.
No air at all.