Teen Poetry Collections

How I Feel Today

by a young man, age 14

I can’t really grasp it, my feeling
I feel Weird, like a monkey skateboarding on a banana
I’m the monkey
I’m skateboarding on the banana because I just got out of school
So we were cooking with giant bananas
So, I decided to dehydrate his banana so I could skateboard
On his banana chip
With a Blue, red, black, and yellow helmet on his knee
The helmet is on my knee because I think it’s the new style
It’s what monkeys wear in Paris
I like the helmet because I like lightening
The helmet reminds me of lightening
I feel Confused, like a young girl walking through a store
And seeing Water Chestnuts And not knowing what they are
I feel Jittery, like a business man at a meeting
With four cups of coffee and two four-hour energies,
With seventeen energy drinks in his body
I like energy drinks
The man likes energy drinks, too