Teen Poetry Collections


 By a young man in juvenile detention, age 17

I got court today.
I could take it to trial,
I could take the deal
and get sent up.
I could take it to court
and get some adult time.
It’s dead silent when I walk in,
Everyone seems like they are looking at me,
everyone seems like they are against me.
It feels cold,
Everyone wants me to stay in there longer
like they have cold hearts,
like their heart is coming through their eyes,
their glare is freezing me up.
They try to make me seem like I’m a monster
like I have no heart.
My heart is a stone, a hardened shell around my body.
I want to be out there,
I want to have an opportunity to prove myself.
They are trying to keep me under the jail
like they are going to bury me.
Once the door opens to release me,
my heart is an open door.