Teen Poetry Collections

Happy Birthday

by a young woman, age 17

Happy birthday,
To me,
Yeah, I guess, me.

Summertime is here,
My dog is here,
My little Rhenish chicken is here,
Mom sleeping in the sun,
I run out in the field,
Free, so free,
Nothing can happen,
The sun falling asleep,
Mom rising for what I thought was me,
She puts on a movie,
She sits on a chair,
I sit on the couch,
Her boyfriend right next to me,
I fall asleep,
Body intertwined with the couch,
Realizing with that,
I’m intertwined with her boyfriend,
Mom’s gone.
Why is he here?
I bump him to wake him,
He starts bumping back,
I stop suddenly, maybe he will leave,
Soon his troll-like hand goes to my waist,
I hit him in the face.

A few nights later,
He takes me from myself,
So for my birthday I got:
My mom’s boyfriend and

A now forever distant mother.