Haiku Virus

by Brenda Neth

 Covid 19 lives
While I watch from the sidelines
Praying for Safety

I don't know you yet
But the media shows you
One Humanity

Mask and glove, blue, white
Guardian angel do you
Keep me breathing without hope?

One World is dying
into one of compassion
and readiness for true love.

Nothingness grows from
emptiness in the city
Something is growing
alone and in the ground. Spring

Computer shining
educational video
Teacher, I miss you

Grandma and Grandpa
long for the touch of grandchild
other side of the fence post
Who is the carrier?

Where are you going?
Young couple alone at home alone
Stay six feet away

Single homeowner
Dogs and cats and bird live
Sharing the safety

Homeless city space
Shelter with Showers and food
Are you lonely too?