Prize Poetry

Girl with the Scars

by a young woman, age 14

I am the happy one, who likes to laugh.

I am the hyper, crazy one, who might dance for no reason.

I am the defiant one, who would never back down.

I am the one with the scars and their secrets.

I am the messed up one, who thinks I don't belong.

I am the helpless one, who can't change my family or friends.

I am the hurt one, but much more hurt on the inside.

I am the one with the scars, and their angry message is that no one notices unless you have a pretty face.

I am the strong one, who is determined to fight back.

I am the dreamer, who imagines a different life, imagines a time when I will stand out with a message of hope.

I am the childlike one, who remembers all the old cartoons.

I am the one with the scars, but they are not me,

And one day their meaning will be
you cannot give up without a fight.

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