Teen Poetry Collections

Funny Memories

by a young man, age 13

One day my dad bought two 30-liters of Pepsi and Root Beer and he bought some Mentos. So everybody went outside, even the whole neighborhood and then after that, we took off the lid of the sodas and we put 30 Mentos in each soda bottle and then we put the lids back on and then me and my dad shook up both soda bottles, and five seconds later, it was making a ssssssssshhhhh sound. Then the lids popped off and it gushed like a volcano was erupting. And then after it stopped, we drank the soda and ate the Mentos.

Last Christmas Eve, me and my dad were watching the football game and my dad really loves football. So the New England Patriots were playing the Detroit Lions and then in the first quarter the Lions scored 7-0, and then at the second quarter, the Lions scored 14-0, and then in the third quarter they scored 24-0 and then in the fourth quarter the Patriots came back and beat them 45-24. After that my dad poured a bucket of ice water on me and then led me outside, so then I grabbed a snowball and threw it at my dad and he started laughing.

It was 100 degrees and my dad was packing up food and then he took my brothers and sisters and I to the Water Park, and so we had squirt guns, buckets and all that cool stuff and so my dad stepped on a place on the ground where water sprays up and then me and my friends filled up a bucket of ice water and so when my dad was sitting down, we snuck up behind him and then we poured it all over him, and then he said, “That is cold! I’m going to get you back for that!” And then we went back home.