Teen Poetry Collections


by a young man, age 13

I’m gonna jump up and down when I’m outta this place
I’ll go have some of Grandma’s turkey with cherry flavor
          – This is not just a plain turkey, it’s got juice in it
Then I’ll go mud bogging with my friends in the forest behind the elementary school, maybe bounce up on a few trees
My friend Dexter can hit at least 60 mph on his bike, do donuts and take turns so sharp the tires skid out
I’ll pick up my girl on my bike and take her to the movies at Southcenter to see Ted
And then we’ll rent the second Ghost Rider from the Redbox
Get some popcorn, Pringles, Reese’s Pieces, Cheetos, Doritos
Then head back to the living room to kick back in front of the 84-inch TV

Outside you can choose to share your name
In here you have to wear a bracelet with it

Freedom tastes like licorice
Freedom smells like the beginning of winter
Freedom sounds like cars rushing by you
Freedom feels like the wind blowing through my hair and against my face
Freedom looks like rain falling