Forbidden Fairy Tale

by Double A, age 14

You know those little fairy tales?
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and how
they get to meet their frickin' Prince Charming
So romantic and sweet...?

Well, I forbid it!

Those stupid stories can drop dead
In real life no one can be that beautiful
and no guy is that romantic
unless reading from a script

I think they'll say anything
just to get into your pants --
and when you say 'NO'
they give you attitude
and go look for some other female
(in other words: princess)

And what about the other fairy tales
love at first sight
or true love's first kiss?
When that actually happens, let me know
because I don't believe it's real

except for love at first sight when
a mother holds her baby for the first time
looking into its beautiful eyes
But other than that

I forbid it all!
I forbid it.
I forbid it.
I forbid it.
I forbid it.