Teen Poetry Collections

Finding Summer Again

by a young man, age 17

I cry for freedom.
Freedom is summertime.
It’s being myself, being able to cope with others,
Happiness, joy in all life has to offer.
Not being locked up in here.
I cry for summer. 

The longer I go without summer,
The crazier I go.
I get upset, unfocused.
Crazy as a black hole that sucks you in and
Traps you with feelings of neglect,
Self-hatred, and despair. 

The less I talk,
The more silent I become.
Silent as the night
That fills me with questions, like: 
            What am I capable of? 
            What are my true intentions? 
            What’s in my future? 
            Is it a good job and raising a family? 
            Or is it sorrow, separation, and neglect? 

But the biggest question I have is: 
            How do I find summer again?
I cry for summer.