Teen Poetry Collections

Fight to the Death

by a young man, age 12

There are multiple dragons in me
One dragon is my heart, my soul
He is somebody I lean to
When I cry, when I dread

Dragons used to exist
People found a perfectly preserved carcass
High in the Himalayan Mountains
Another chamber of the cave held the mother and the child

My heart dragon protects me from people that are bad:
Murderers, traitors, and serial killers

In a past life, I was a soldier
And a dragon connected his heart to mine
There is also a demon in me
When I get mad, my heart dragon protects me by trying to stop me
I have two souls: one is a dragon, the other is a demon
They are damaging my inner heart in their fight
I can feel the sharp pains in my chest 

Neither one has triumphed
And until I go inside of myself and try figuring this out
They won’t stop

They are trying to kill each other
I want the dragon to triumph