Teen Poetry Collections

Feelings of the Rainbow

by a young man, age 11

Grrrrr! I’m mad. Somebody pushed me off the swings. I’m red.
I’m mad. My ears are smoking hot. Sometimes I wished I pushed him off the swing.
My mom said it’s OK to be red.
But, if you don’t want to be red, just take deep breaths.
“Big whoop? He just pushed you off the swing.”
“If he does it again go inside.” 

I don’t feel so good. I’m sick.
I need some orange juice.
My bed is orange, my blanket is orange.
My room is orange.
Every time when I look at the objects in my orange room,

The sun is yellow. My smile is yellow. The day is yellow.
My favorite food is yellow.
I’ll give you one hint – Look, a tree with a monkey in a yellow shirt. 

Friday the 13th is green, look! Oh great, a black cat passed my back.
My green shirt ripped! I stepped on my mom’s back. Man!
Her back broke, and she dropped her green ring.
I walked under a ladder. Green paint fell on me.
I couldn’t see. I hit a green mirror. The mirror broke.
Then, we went inside of a green restaurant to get washed off.
We spilled some salt. Then they threw us out of the restaurant.
“Man! I have bad luck. Wait—a green, four-leaf clover.”
“I guess my bad luck is over!”  

The blue sky, the blue sea, my blue surfboard, the blue waves,
Kowabunga! I’m going surfing,
Around the reefs, past the boats, on the big blue waves. 

Purple flowers, purple ball, purple plum, purple gum!
Pretty much everything in my life is purple, except for myself. 

The night is dark, it is black. I’m sleepy. I can’t see.
“Time to come in,” says Mom.
My room is black, and my bed is pretty much black,
Because my shadow is black.
When I close my eyes, the inside of my eyes is black.
“Sweet dreams!” says Mom.