Teen Poetry Collections

Family #2

by a young man, age 16

The ones we have
End up burning our life,
Losing our trust, for the
Worst of it.  Life is
A dream with no bed.  The
Steps we take every day
Make the past look like
Hell.  And this family bond I have
Is hard to break.  This
Family is like a blood vessel running
Through my body – Once it’s broken
Death is my only choice.
Family is a power we have –
If we don’t use it, the
Punishment we go through will
Never be forgotten.  My blood
Vessel will run through
Me until Death comes for
Me.  The ones we love
Are family.  The ones we trust
Are family.  The ones we live with
Are family.  Life without family
Is like a remote without a TV.
You press the buttons, but
Don’t see the vision.