Teen Poetry Collections

Fallen Angel

by a young woman, age 14

As it rains the devils fall
As the sun comes out the angels rise
The sun shined happily at the world
Like it had no care in the world but I didn’t smile back
Simply because I don’t belong in this world

Do you know what it’s like
To have everything snatched from you?
In a blink of an eye
To cry till you knew the meaning of “bye”
Been wounded in your soul and
Paralyzed with grief
The man upstairs hates me
He left me in misery
I’m lonely
But darkness is my place to be
The love is shallow
But fallen angels love to live sorrow

There once was a happy time
Where the sun shined through the mournful streets
But then it started to rain
The one you love screaming for help
And you realize the only one alive to heed the call is you
As those you cherish burn in cruel merciless flames
But you shake off your terrors and hold justice
The tears burning through you like bullets
So much love
But no gain
Yes I’m simply living in sorrow
Do you know my pain?