Teen Poetry Collections

Do You Really Know Me?

by a young woman, age 16

I haven’t gone out there in a long time.
I don’t understand why everyone here has to wear the same clothes.
I laugh a joyous laugh
I smile every day
I stare, a glossy stare
You think everything’s okay
but do you really know me?

I struggle with the hurt  
 I hide it behind a smile
I fake these positive thoughts
When really I’m suicidal.

My eyes show no emotion
But they’re crying for you to stop
I tell you I don’t judge you
but the pain you bring me
can’t be covered up.

You’re changing fast
 I’m changing fast
And it’s all because of ADDICTION.

We’re hiding what we feel inside
our problems causing more friction
I’m tired of holding myself back
You think I’m fine in this lifestyle?
Then do you really know me?

I’m not saying I’m ready for change
and I know you’re not either
We’ve dug ourselves our own graves
and we keep getting weaker.

We think this addiction makes us strong
we think we’re in control
But I think we both know
life has more to hold.

We follow the lies we tell ourselves
to get us through each day.

When you’re ready to know
yourself (and who you can
become) let me know.

Do you really know me?
 No, you really don’t
I’ll show you someday
 But right now I’m stuck on Dope.


Dedicated to PorkChop