Teen Poetry Collections

Different Levels

by a young woman, age 16

There are different levels to
Life being hard. 

Some people have homes,
A nice family, maybe not
Brothers and sisters, maybe not
A bed, drawings on the wall, clean floor
Artifacts from dead family members
Or maybe not. 

Some people have cardboard
An overstuffed duffle filled with the
Special things you have left
Clothes, books, drawings, things that
Mean something to you
And nothing to the world. 

Some people have alleyways
Sharing space with street friends
The only home known to you
Tossing and cold throughout the night because
The blanket can barely cover you both
No choice but to call it home. 

Some people have nothing
No friends or family to share a blanket with
No cardboard to lay
No duffle
No things. 

I’d never make it in this world alone
Because being alone is truly having nothing.
I’ve experienced all these levels and
I’ve always found the light.
I cannot explain all the aspects of life on the street
But hopefully this is a snapshot. 

Life on the street can be hard
But your life can still be extraordinary.