Teen Poetry Collections


by a young man, age 16

The first person that died in my life
Had so much pain
That I wasn’t aware of.
He wasn’t motivated to tell me about it.
He chose to hang himself.
He was only 16 or 17 at the time.
I was complacent when it happened.
I felt that there was nothing to live for,
The night that he committed suicide.
It was words I didn’t want to hear
Come out of his mouth –
He said that his life was hell
And his abusive parents were wanting him to die.
I didn’t understand much of it.
It was too painful to bear.
The last words he ever said to me
Was “Goodbye.”
So he grabbed a rope from my backyard,
And my other friend was trying to grab the rope from him.
That scary night I hadn’t seen him for about 2 weeks,
Then we formed a search party.
I heard someone screaming and ran over
To see what was going on, and I saw him.
His face was pale, his skin was cold,
And he looked like a ghost.
His life has influenced me by giving me support
While he was alive.
The way it has affected me was knowing that
I thought he cared for me.
He wasn’t thinking when he did what he did,
And it affected my whole family.