Teen Poetry Collections

Dear Family

by a young man, age 13

I made such dumb choices
I so want your forgiveness
For you to know how sincerely
I never ever want
To make those choices again

I made you cry, Mom
I left you, my sisters, sleeping
To wake up to find me gone
And crying yourselves to sleep
I hurt you, little brother
Leaving you confused and alone
You who looked up to me
As a lantern through life
To find the path by

I imagine the day
I finally come home
I’m in your arms again
I am looking to be different then
To no longer get in fights
To no longer fail to listen
When you warn me
I’m sailing dangerous waters

When it snowed today
I thought of you, little sister
And how much you love snow
And how much I love you
I so want all of you to forgive me
And I want to find that way back
To where what is most important
Is that I love you
And you love me