Teen Poetry Collections


by a young man in juvenile detention

When I was younger and you were deported
It was really hard for me
Seeing them take you
Out of the house like that
And not knowing what was going on
We were asleep
And a bunch of police in uniforms came in
Woke all of us up
Took you
And you were gone
I was sitting there crying,
What did you do?
What did I do?
For them to take you away from me
You not being here has really affected me
I see all these other kids with dads
Out in the front yard
Throwing the ball with them
Kicking around a soccer ball
I just wish that you were there with me
I miss you dad
I wish that I could have somebody there to talk to
I wish you could’ve seen me at all my soccer games
I wish you could be there cheering me on