Crow Funeral

 by Brenda Neth

 I saw you
on the sidewalk
As I
came to work
on an empty bus
on an empty street
on an empty path.
No one, seemed to stop
but I spoke words
of love in your direction.
Others did n't know
that the cawing was about death
and the celebration of your passing by those that knew you.

 Will I,
witness, as a funeral, the death of Hope?
No, because you are eternal
You, this corvid, this raven, this crow,
and have lasted long before any covid warped itself
to appear like your genus.
Corvid, meet covid
Death, meet life?
I see
the strength of a community bonding
while death calls us all out of our houses
We watch and the crows watch with us.
we can do
what we were never meant
to do alone.