Contents of "Writing with At-Risk Youth"

                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

Chapter 1: Childhood Trauma and the Benefits of Writing
Chapter 2: Pongo, Openness, and a Unique Joy
Chapter 3: The Special Role of the Writing Mentor
Chapter 4: Poetry as the Expressive Medium
Chapter 5: The Pongo Approach to Teaching Poetry
Chapter 6: A Model Pongo Writing Project
Chapter 7: Keeping Everyone Safe
Chapter 8: Introducing Poetry to Youth
Chapter 9: Overview of the One-on-One Process
Chapter 10: Taking Dictation
Chapter 11: Improvising Poetic Structures
Chapter 12: Using Fill-in-the-Blank Activities
Chapter 13: Overview of the Group Process
Chapter 14: The Challenges of Group Process
Chapter 15: Publishing Teen Poetry