Teen Poetry Collections


by a young woman, age 14

My life has been very dark and hectic
Many things are overwhelming
People say one thing
And do another
People say things
That are not true
People betray me
People confuse me
But people say
They love me

Even though they’ve done that to me
In my heart it feels like
I have to love them back

I know that many things
That they’ve done to me
Are wrong
But I also know
That humans aren’t perfect

It confuses me
I have one set of powerful feelings that says
“Something’s wrong”
And another set of feelings
That says “That’s how it’s supposed to be”
“That’s how life is”

And I’m caught in the middle
I’m really caught in the middle
I just feel stuck
Stuck on a rollercoaster
And it won’t stop
And all I can do is scream
Scream to try to get the attention of
The people who truly
Love me