Teen Poetry Collections


 by a young man in juvenile detention, age 15

Everybody should know
that when I was younger
I was at school one day,
I went straight from lunch to recess.
My brother was driving down the street.
Somebody was shooting at his car.
The police said that one of the bullets
went through the window and
hit him in the back of his head.
He lost control of his car
and crashed into the monkey bars.
I just remember him…
he opened his door and leaned out.
He was just dead.
I started crying.
They were telling me to calm down.
I was shocked to the point where I couldn’t think
like I was dying too.
I was trying to go to the car,
they say I couldn’t.
Then my mom picked me up from school.

Ever since then,
I started skipping school.
I just didn’t want to come no more
because I didn’t know what was going to happen there.

After that day,
that’s when I started changing.
I can’t lead the life that I started.
That happened four years ago.
When you know you can’t get somebody back,
when you can’t even walk up to them,
or give em a hug,
you feel empty like an alley
that leads to big field,
like an endless row with nothing there.