Prize Poetry

Captured in Hiding

by a young woman, age 13

When he leaves it's already black
struggling to breathe but there's no turning back
i find myself frozen when he turns around
he takes a little step closer
i spin down
hoping it will only be a pound....or two
here he comes closer and closer and
takes his shoe and chucks it at me
i try not to cry as he tosses me around
with not even a doubt
i hear him shoot
something which sounded like a gun
but he gets closer and closer and aims
for what seemed to be me
so here i am straining to breathe, i whisper
no daddy please
but one big bang can do it all
i am getting dizzier and dizzier..
then it all seemed to be......

[Author Statement: "Hello. I have been writing pretty much since around the age of 7 or 8. I always just loved going to a different world while writing. This poem is just a heartfelt poem. I really felt in touch with the character that is getting abused. I got really close with her. It just escapes me from the real world. Thanks for everything."]

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