Teen Poetry Collections

Capitol Hill

by a young man, age 16

When you think of Capitol Hill what do you think of?
It’s a lot darker than you think
Meth grows on trees
As the city sleeps they reign their terror
Smashing car windows on the streets
There is a group of people
A group of meth addicts
That car hop
Some of them blap windows
Some of them steal cars
Some steal bikes
Some of them boost
Some of them forge
Capitol Hill is a black hole
A rotating black hole
It makes you or breaks you
I never see anyone leave
They might take a break but they always come back
Unless it’s to jail, death, or luck out and find a sugar momma
When all you know is crime, drugs, and repeat
And then donuts because that’s what you live on
Then the black hole is all you know
Getting high
Back to jail
And a sentence
I don’t see a way out for me
I’ve been doing heroin for three years
I started shooting up meth just to up the ante
To the point of insanity
I’m not trying to lose my mind
It’s already lost
The only way out is to have someone die on you
To have death change you

Dedicated to B. and P.