Teen Poetry Collections

Anger Poem #3

by a young woman, age 15

When I was just a baby
I was abused by my biological mom
And as I grew older
I was taught to be mean
Which made me feel really angry.
As I got older again
I had a really bad temper
And I did something stupid:
I went to the kitchen
And I grabbed a knife
And threatened my family.
The next day my dad called the cops
And they talked to me
About what’s going to happen
If I did that again,
And I was lucky my brother
Did not press charges on me.
The day after that, my dad
Took me to my doctor
And he suggested to put me
In the mental hospital
To get help.
Now it’s been two long years
That I’ve spent in the mental hospital.
I’m much better.
Now, I’m a loving caring person
That wants to love my family.