Pongo's Poet Ambassador Named Seattle's Youth Poet Laureate!


Angel Gardner is a Pongo poet who is our Poet Ambassador. In this role she has read at multiple Pongo events. Angel has also received multiple poetry awards from Pongo, including being named the first recipient of Pongo's David W. Paul Memorial Award for dedication to writing. Angel has used her determination, heart, intelligence, and creative soul to respond to a difficult life that has included childhood abuse, nearly 30 foster placements, incomplete education, and homelessness. She has fearlessly addressed personal pain, as well as social issues, in her unique and powerful poetry. We are thrilled to share that on May 28, 2016, Angel was named Seattle 2016-17 Youth Poet Laureate!

You can read about Angel, and her perseverance as a poet, in spite of a complicated life and homelessness, in this article in The Seattle Times.