Teen Poetry Collections

Amazing Amanda

by a young man, age 15

This one time when I had a really bad counseling session
We went on a really long walk.

We just walked around the golf course she lived by for two hours.

We talked about why I was upset.
She told me how much she cared about me,
How much she wanted me to do better.
I had only been there for three weeks,
But I felt at home after that walk.
I never thought I would feel at home again
     when I went into foster care.
I thought it would be the worst three years
     of my life.

I remember after that walk, lying in bed thinking
How could someone who just met me
     care about me so much?

She reminded me of my mom.

After the walk I remember thinking about my future,
How maybe I wouldn't have to be alone.

I was thinking I might have someone at my
     high school graduation,
At my college graduation,
Someone who will care about me for
     my whole life.

My other foster families didn't care.

I only lived at her house for three months,
But even if I stay at a group home or a facility
     for the rest of the time I'm in foster care,
It would have been worth it to have
     those three months.

I remember after that walk thinking how
     someone I'd just met could care about me.
Cause I don't really care about myself.
I have low self-esteem.

I don't think I've told her any of this.
I'm not really good at
Talking about my feelings.

I wish every foster parent could be Amanda.