Teen Poetry Collections

Am I Me?

by a young woman, age 14

I’m the happy one when I’m with my family.
I like to go out to church with them.
When we are holding hands and doing a prayer
In the center of the church, I’m happy.
There are stained-glass windows and a lot of religious statues.
I’m not very religious.
I just go because of my family.

I’m the hyper, crazy one when I’m out with my friends.
I am the one in the park
Upside down on the monkey bars.
I am the one in the car on the freeway
With my hands out the sunroof.
I am the helpless one who can’t change being who I am.
And I am the one who likes fashion.

I am the one in the long-sleeve shirt
With a jean vest.
I am the one in ripped jeans with low-heeled boots.

And a hat.