Prize Poetry


by a young woman, age 14

I can feel it crawling,
Crawling upon my skin;
Itching its way up my arms,
Digging beneath my flesh,
I am addicted.
This disease,
This plague in itself,
It haunts my mind;
Sending off waves of illusions through this tunnel vision;
Hallucinations in the flesh.
This addiction; this curse,
An addiction in itself.
My thoughts, my thoughts,
Oh how they are not safe.
What do I believe,
What do I deem a lie?
What is right,
And what is wrong?
I do not know.
In this battle, this civil war,
This constant betrayal of myself,
I lose myself.
Struggling to hold onto myself;
Clawing onto the very threads of my sanity,
Clutching onto this addiction as if it holds answers to all.
My old self is gone,
She fled the premises long ago.
She didn't want this,
She didn't want this life.
No one did.
This shell I hide behind;
This mask,
This camouflage,
This is not me,
This is not who I was.
These bones,
These muscles,
These reactions,
They are not mine.
This is not me;
This is what I have become.
This is what this addiction has morphed me into:
A monster.

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