Teen Poetry Collections

Addiction #2

by a young man in detention

I am addicted
I am addicted to the streets
In my addiction, my life is filled with hatred,
enemies, guns, drugs

In my addiction, I’m glad to feel hated by many
I am addicted to the numbness
caused by the substance  
I ingest to feel the rage

The emotion where the anger I carry
Within me splattering
Splashing breaking destroying

My soul, my self,
my mind,

In my addiction
I think about the damage I caused
The hearts I broke
The splinters on my fists

In my addiction the real me
becomes an unwanted “thing”

I am addicted
I am addicted to being understood
To be given the chance to express myself
without prejudice

In my addiction, betrayal comes in the form of denial
In my addiction, I’m in a constant battle with myself
I am addicted