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Pongo Poetry Prize - January 2014

This is the 15th winner of the Pongo Poetry Prize. Following the winning poem, there are links to three great poems that received Honorable Mention.

by a young woman, age 16

I am addicted.

I am addicted to getting high on crystal meth. I get so high I become lost in the clouds, like a stray balloon lost from a child's hands.

In my addiction, my life is filled with remorse and fatalities, like committing to a marriage then, shortly after, catching your spouse having an affair.

In my addiction, I am glad to feel free from emotions, like a lion free on a savannah.  

I am addicted.

I am addicted to the feelings that overcome me after blowing out clouds of smoke, like a train releasing a massive cloud of steam.

In my addiction, I hate to think about the damage I do to myself and the ones who love me, it's like a diabetic gorging themselves on sugar.

In my addiction, the real me disappears off the face of the earth, like a child that has been kidnapped out of their front lawn.

I am addicted.

I am addicted to the burn of the crushed shards going up my nose, like the physical burn of frostbite after being out in a blizzard for days.  

In my addiction, betrayal is all around me. It's my best friend waiting for me to turn around, so they can grab my bag and run, like a puppy waiting for the turn of a head so it can snatch a piece of bacon off your plate.

In my addiction, I struggle to stay away from the monster that beckons me. Even knowing I've had enough, I go back for more, like a child sneaking into the cookie jar right after dessert.

I am addicted.

I am addicted to my behaviors after the chemicals have kept me awake for days, like a coffee addict that has stayed up all night, holding hands with caffeine.

In my addiction I am hiding thoughts and emotions from my past that give me nightmares, like a child crawling into their parents' bed to hide from the monster in their closet.

In my addiction, I'm in a constant battle, looking for the courage to quit, like the victim of gangrene looking for the courage to amputate the part of them that has become infected.

I am addicted. 

Honorable Mention, January 2014 
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