Teen Poetry Collections


by a young man, age 15

Sometimes I don’t feel emotions,
kinda like the anger I have is left behind.
I’m feeling half-dead. 
I’m being pushed out of my family,
but I’m also being drawed back in.
I’m in here
because my mom was picking me up by my ear,
and I pushed her back so she called the cops.
She doesn’t want me home.
I’m going to be in a group home. 
And that’s when I start to feel like I just don’t care,
and my emotions go away. 
Before my emotions go away,
I feel raged, mad, sad,
and then I feel reality.

There’s a bird
and when it’s sick,
the mother of the animal
pushes it out of its nest
so it can fall to its death.

Right now,
I feel like that bird that’s fallen
and about to hit the ground