Teen Poetry Collections

144 Ways

by a young man, age 16

If my eyes could speak, they
Would tell you what I seen
In my life.

I seen a lot at a young age,
Before Seattle, down in Fresno,
Most ghetto-est place you ever been.
But it’s normal for me.
I seen females getting slapped by pimps.
I seen people getting put into closets so that
Others could smoke stuff
You don’t want to smoke.

Mostly I seen gangs
Taking interest in people,
Stabbed for being in the wrong side of town
In the wrong colors.

My hood now, Tukwila, is
A lot like Fresno.
It’s active anyway you could put it.
People out there for money,
Doing anything for money,
A money freeway always with traffic,
Money any way you can get it.

I seen 144 ways to get