Expressions of thanks to the people we've met along the way...

All of the teens, published and unpublished, for what they've written, shared, and taught. We regret that we didn't have space, permissions, etc., to publish and recognize all of the talented Pongo writers who worked with us.

Pongo leaders Ann Teplick, Amani Carithers, Kiana Davis, Adrienne Johanson, Eli Hastings, Vanessa Hooper, Emily Holt, Emily Caris, Jefferson Rose, Martha Linehan, Dana Elkun, and Leslie Bourgoin.

Pongoites (Pongo volunteers), including Adrienne Johanson, Alex Russell, Alexanne Madison, Alli Smith, Amani Carithers, Ann Teplick, Anni Armas Mahoney, Arlene Naganawa, Ashley Skartvedt, Becky Sherman, Brittany Dennison, Carol Goth, Carol Thompson, Charlene Cuhaciyan, Corey Teasdell, Dana Elkun, Daniel Gotkin, Danielle Bryce, Eli Hastings, Elizabeth Koontz, Ellen Bloom, Emily Caris, Emily Happy, Emily Holt, Erin McCormick, Fred Nollan, Frederick Bryan, Gayle Wilde, Gemlene Schaudies, Gina Bettica, Hayley Elrod, Jasleena Grewal, Jaspar Lepak, Jean Gant, Jean Lenihan, Jeanne Hopkins, Jeff Maggioli, Jeff Rose, Joanne Conger, Johan Grimsrud, Jonah Shallies, Kara Weiss, Kate O’Kelley, Katelyn Durst, Kathleen Levine, Katie Jaeger, Kevin Jones, Kiana Davis, Leslie Bourgoin, Lisa Madelle Bottomley, Lisette Austin, Lynn Zhao, Mark Johnson, Martha Linehan, Mary Coleman, Matt Atwood, Melissa McBain, Michael Ortiz, Mike Hickey, Miral Luka, Nadia Imafidon, Natalie Singer-Velush, Nathaniel Orwiler, Paul Rathgeb, Phaedra Pascoe, Raúl Sanchez, Rebecca Richards-Diop, Reggie Anthony, Ron Rivard, Ross Cole, Samantha Krejcik, Samantha Leeds, Sandra Scannell, Sara Jones, Shaun McMichael, Shira Hasson-Schiff, Spencer Wahlstrom, Stephanie McManus, Stephanie Ramos, Tesmer Atsbeha, Urvasi Graham, Vanessa Hooper, Victor Opalia and others who participated in our six-month training and volunteer experience at juvenile detention, CSTC, and other sites.

Pongo board members Dr. Eric Trupin, Dr. Mick Storck, Kiana Davis, Stephen Jubb, Doug Thorpe, Dr. Liz Jordan, and Karen Hirsch.

Pongo advisory board members Dr. Ted Rynearson and Perry E. Gold.

Researchers Seema Clifasefi, PhD (from the University of Washington School of Medicine) and Susan Collins, PhD (from the University of Washington - Harborview Medical Center).

Our generous grantors, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ibis Foundation of Arizona, City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Microsoft Alumni Foundation, Charlotte Martin Foundation, The Norcliffe Foundation, Seattle7Writers, Seattle Foundation, Social Venture Kids, Raikes Foundation, The Jeffris Wood Fund, Moccasin Lake Foundation, Tellumind Foundation, Fales Foundation Trust, The OneFamily Foundation, Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions, Eulalie Bloedel Schneider Foundation, Lucky Seven Foundation, Wizards of the Coast, Roberts family foundation, Laurel Foundation, Glaser Foundation, Breneman Jaech Foundation, Jaech Family Fund, Starbucks Foundation, Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation, and Windermere Foundation.

Our generous donors, including Grace Close, Raphael Ginsberg, the Campbell-Monroe family, Paula Boggs and Randee Fox, Mary Rae Bruns and David Middaugh, Michael Hooper, Lydia Gaytan, Betty Hooper, Steve Wells, Francie Close, Elliott Close, Leroy Close, Crandall Bowles, Amanda Carr, Billy Plauche, Karen McManus, Sylvia Nogaki, Dennis Adler, Marylou Brannon, Walt Adam, Lesa Black, Carrie George, Celeste Gazarek and Michael Roberts, Debbie Coscorrosa and Don Milholland, Mark Johnson, J. Wesley Saint Clair, Kirsten Nesholm, Peg and Mark Cheirrett, Sharon Holt, Seth Kelly Fulcher, and Marc and Robin Avni.

Legal counselors Bob Cumbow and Emily Krisher, with Michael Lapin, of Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP.

Web designer Yasmine Rafii of Y-Art Works .

Book designer Celeste Ericsson.

Friends from our time at King County Juvenile Detention, including Karen Kinch (volunteer coordinator), Pam Jones (director), Lynn Valdez (supervisor), Lee Davis (manager), Unna Kim (recreation staff), and Nate Caldwell (director).

Friends from our time at the Seattle Public Schools inter-agency school inside juvenile detention, including Stacy Vida (teacher), Thomas Morrison (teacher), Cindy Ortega (principal), Neal Baumgartner (teacher), Bruce Bivins (coordinator), Glenda Platt (teacher), and Lynn Bier (teacher).

Friends from our time at the King County Library inside juvenile detention, including Jill Morrison (librarian).

Friends from our time at Child Study and Treatment Center, including Mick Storck (psychiatrist), Jack McClellan (medical director), Jan Bacon (psychologist), Rick Mehlman (director), Holly Galbraith (psychologist), and Ilys Hernandez (social worker).

Friends from our time at Firwood School and Oak Grove School (Clover Park School District) at Child Study and Treatment Center, including Carolyn Watkins (principal), Teri Parks (teacher), Eileen Rieke (teacher), and Rolene Peterkin (principal).

Friends from our time at Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC).

Friends from our time at Treehouse, including Erin Lawrence-Cook and Amy Lange.

Friends from our time at Lambert House, including Mary Levine (social worker) and Michal Blum (activities coordinator).

Friends from our time at the Prime Time Project (University of Washington School of Medicine, Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy), including Eric Trupin (director) and Teresa Jaworski (case manager).

Friends from our time at the Separation and Loss Clinic (Virginia Mason Hospital), including Ted Rynearson (psychiatrist), Fanny Correa (social worker), and Jenny Favell (psychologist).

Friends from our time at Echo Glen Children’s Center, including Patti Berntsen (associate superintendent) and Vicki Belluomini (mental health treatment coordinator).

Friends from our time at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, including Eric Trupin (director of child psychiatry) and Petra Manns (administrative assistant).

Friends from our time at Orion Center (YouthCare), including Phil Sullivan (YouthCare associate director) and Laura Levings (clinician).