Youth Served

In its first 20 years, Pongo has worked with over 7,000 youth, about half in one-on-one writing sessions. 36% of our authors have written just a little or not at all before Pongo.

Pongo has published 500 young authors in 13 books. Over 15,000 of these books have been given away to youth at our sites, and also to libraries, agencies, judges, and others in the community. Through this Pongo web site, young people from all over the US and the world have submitted thousands of poems to Pongo. Over 11,000 youth have created and emailed poems on the Pongo web site.

In its trainings and workshops, Pongo has trained hundreds of volunteers, teachers, and counselors in its methods, in cities around the country. At local arts festivals, Pongo has displayed and sold teen poetry and talked to over 10,000 people in the community about the poetry and lives of distressed youth.