Paloma Andazola-Reza

Dear Pongo Community,
Please join me in welcoming Paloma Andazola-Reza to our team as Program Manager, beginning January 1, 2019. Paloma is a clinical social worker with over eighteen years of experience in social services and four years of postgraduate experience. Her work has focused on survivors of interpersonal, intimate partner, childhood, community, and systemic violence, abuse, and oppression and includes working with homeless youth, youth with disabilities, and youth in restorative justice programs, and in a variety of agency and governmental settings. She specializes in healing from complex, historical, intergenerational, and systemic trauma.

Paloma is a writer and artist (weaver) who is currently working towards a certification in Expressive Arts Therapy through the Northwest Creative & Expressive Arts Institute. Paloma has a BA degree in History and Ethnic Studies. She taught classes in Ethnic Studies as a graduate student and has been a part-time lecturer at the UW School of Social Work in Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation. Her work is grounded in anti-oppression, social justice, racial equity, and honoring community-centered knowledge. Paloma identifies as Xicana/Mestiza and honors her Hispaña, Mexican, Persian, Irish, Azteca, Chichimeca, Tlaxcalteca, and Tepehuán ancestors, cultures, and histories. She also identifies as Queer/Lesbiana. Paloma is currently engaged in research focused on Indigenous/ Mexicana/ Mestiza/ Hispaña ancestral and community-centered practices of healing from traumatic grief in Northern New Mexico.
As Program Manager, Paloma will oversee Pongo’s direct service projects and local trainings and outreach. Organizationally she will support us in a number of ways, by helping us to grow as an equitable organization, and, importantly, by helping us to address the impact of secondary trauma within our Pongo community so that we endure as a sustainable and healthy organization.
And Paloma shares with us that she is "ecstatic and honored to begin work with Pongo." Yay!!! Please welcome Paloma!