Pongo's Outcomes

This discussion of Pongo's outcomes begins with a summary of our writer surveys. There are stunning results. The surveys were collected in juvenile detention and the state psychiatric hospital for children, so the context is that our authors come to us having had terrible life experiences. They have often been badly betrayed by people close to them, and so have every reason not to trust strangers. Also, the teens who responded to our surveys were not a self-selected group from within these settings. We asked youth to complete a survey whenever there was time at the end of a writing session.

From Fall 2005 to Spring 2016, we collected surveys from 1,205 youth in juvie and the psychiatric hospital. As you'll see, below, 36% of these Pongo writers had written little or not at all before Pongo. Only 34% had written a lot.

Here are the responses:

Did you enjoy this writing experience?     100% YES

Do you feel proud of the writing you did with us?     98% YES

Did you write about things you don't normally talk about? 75% YES

Do you feel that you learned something about writing?     84% YES

Do you feel that you learned something about yourself?  74% YES

If you wrote about things that are bothering you, did the writing help you feel better?     81% YES

Do you think you might write more in the future?     93% YES

If so, do you think you might write during times when life is difficult?     90% YES

How much writing have you done before? 
34% - A LOT      30% - SOME      22% - A LITTLE      14% - NONE

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