Comments by Pongo Writers

At the end of the author surveys, there is an opportunity for youth to make comments. In almost 900 surveys these comments have all been positive. For example, in a recent set of surveys from juvenile detention, over one-third of the surveyed youth wrote comments. Here is a sample:

  • This has been a great time, and I have learned that I have a voice.
  • I had a really good time writing, and I have learned more about myself.
  • Thank you for this experience. I needed it.
  • It was relieving just writing.
  • You guys help a lot of kids who don't have any way to explain their feelings.
  • It was very nice, helped me get some feelings out.
  • I think real writers' poems come from the heart.
  • Writing is a lesson a person needs in life.
  • I enjoyed it. It created a moment of peace in my heart.
  • I had fun, and I feel as if I accomplished something.
  • It was great. I think everybody needs to write more.